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How it started ...

In 2012 the doors of Ron Carlos Salon opened. It started as a one-person salon as owner; Rosa wanted to provide a space for her guests that was comfortable, inviting, and laid back without compromising an exceptional experience and quality services. 


How it's going...

Fast forward almost ten years, and RCS is thriving with four stylists, and, in the fall of 2021, they will be relocating to a larger space where they will be expanding not only in size but also extending their service menu to offer spa services such as skincare and nails!

RCS is known for delivering an exceptional experience. We truly believe our team members are the key to our success. We hire genuinely good people, those who are passionate about service and committed to excellence. We respect value, appreciate and recognize our team members every day.

RCS has been serving the Knightdale community for over 10 years. We are known for our excellent customer service and professionalism in the beauty industry, as well as our ability to grow and adapt to the ever-evolving trade. Come join our team made up of the most talented, passionate, and welcoming people! 
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What we are known for...

Interested In Growth, Advancement, Education, And Leadership?


When you are successful, RCS is successful. We seek out coveted stylists who want to grow their knowledge at a greater level. We encourage our stylists to never stop learning and hone in on their craft by organizing frequent educational opportunities with top educators and techniques. RCS is without a doubt a unique salon, and we are looking for a special team member. If you are committed to working LESS than 40 hours a week so you can live a wonderful personal life outside of your profession, then the RCS is for you. If you love to do hair because you truly want to make the person in the chair feel the best about themselves and love the way they look, then we may be for you. If you love to learn and become better and never settle, always striving to the best at your craft, then we may be for you.  Striving to serve others with passion isn’t for everyone but if that is for you….. Hello, let’s connect.
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