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I am so glad that you are taking the time to read my bio and get to know me a little bit!  I am an NC native but I did live in Massachusetts for 20 years.  Although I miss my Massachusetts friends and all the amazing food in the north, I am happy to be back home where it is much warmer!  

I have learned so much from being a mom of 4 boys.  First and foremost, I have learned to let the little things go!  I had to embrace the chaos and realize that my house is a home.  A home for the most important people in my life.  That is what truly matters…not that nice couch or table I wanted.  For now, that stuff is not a smart investment or an important one!  That being said, I have also learned the importance of self-care.  I know it is a struggle but if at all possible we have to find a way to take care of ourselves.  Coming in to get a relaxing facial treatment is one thing you can do to make yourself feel better.  Beauty on the outside is not the most important thing.  However, taking care of yourself and putting your best foot forward will do wonders for your beauty on the inside!  So come on in and make yourself feel your best!

I finished my esthetics training at Wake Tech in the spring of 2020.  My passion for learning about skincare made the class very enjoyable and I learned so much.  I could not get enough!  I look forward to continuing my education as well.  In this industry, there is so much innovation.  In order to stay on top of my game, I will have to continue training and I look forward to that!  I am certified to perform signature facials, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels.  

I love all the skincare services that I perform but if I am being honest my favorite and my specialty is the signature facial for 2 reasons.  First, for me personally, there is nothing more relaxing than a great facial.  I want to provide the same experience for every single client that comes into my room.  We all have a unique gift and performing facials is my gift.  I particularly love the massage step in the facial.  When clients fall asleep on my table, I am so proud.  I feel like my job is done!  Second, I have an educational background and I love teaching.  Performing facials allows me to educate my clients about which products are beneficial and what they need to do at home to keep their skin in top shape.  

I am passionate about skincare but my greater passion is for the client’s overall wellbeing.  I love making connections with people.  I love hearing about everyone’s journey.  We all are so unique and can learn so much from each other.  Everyone that comes into my room will be able to see the wonderful benefits of professional products on their skin.  But just as important, every client will leave with a relaxed and rejuvenated spirit.  

When I am not in the salon, I love working out and when I can do it outside I love it even more!  I enjoy reading a good book. And of course, spending time with my family.  I really enjoy nature’s beauty.  NC provides both the beach and the mountains.  I feel blessed to live here. 

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