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Tuesday 10-4

Wednesday  12-8

Thursday 1-8

Friday & Saturday 9-4

Hi there! 

My name is Sky, originally from Central New York! I have spent the last few years traveling and moving around, but I have found where I'd like to stay for a while.


I have spent a year in Seattle, where I learned how important self-love truly is. Self-love comes from taking care of yourself and putting YOU first. This is what piqued my interest in health, like energy healing, food, and skincare! 

I later did my schooling in Boston, where I found my love for making others feel better, whether it be through waxing, lashes, or my favorite, facials! However, I needed a change in scenery once again, so I came to North Carolina.

My goal in life is to make every single moment count, so I am thankful I found a job that I truly love. When I am not working, I enjoy traveling with my little family, playing in my garden, cooking, and binge-watching Netflix, too. 

Take some time for you to better yourself, and get the therapy your skin deserves. ♥

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